New Products/Announcements

June 9, 2015

Toxoplasma gondii Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the launch of 2 new toxoplasma antigens. Please click here for all the details.

December 18, 2014

Chlamydia + Gonorrhoeae Molecular Assay Control Samples Now Available

We are pleased to announce Microbix’ first inactivated control samples designed specifically for molecular diagnostic assays (PCR). These samples contain native purified inactivated Chlamydia trachomatis or Neisseria gonorrhoeae (a combo sample and negative control are also available). The samples are tested for purity and reactivity using a high sensitivity PCR test and are compatible with all of the major CT/NG test systems on the market today. They are stable at room temperature and ready to ship today.

We’re working on several other molecular samples including:

  • Dengue
  • Influenza
  • Group B Streptococcus
  • RSV

Please contact us if you’d like to try a sample of these new products.





November 25, 2014

Change to Rubella EL-05-13, Rubella K0S Concentrate

Microbix has discontinued production of Rubella K0S Concentrate (Cat# EL-05-13) and replaced this product with Rubella K1S (Cat# EL-05-10).

This technical bulletin explains the change, the differences between these products, and suggestions on how to use EL-05-10 in your assay. We expect this change will benefit most customers as EL-05-10 offers superior consistency and purity while maintaining a lower price point. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to try this new antigen.

November 15, 2014

Update on Dengue 1-4 Production

It has certainly been a long time coming but our work on DEN 1-4 is beginning to pay off. We are very pleased with the large scale culture method we have developed for DEN-1 and are currently trying this with DEN 3 and 4. At the same time we are optimizing the performance of a high throughput purification system that we expect will provide an excellent yield of high purity antigen. Analysis of this work continues, and we hope to have an announcement on DEN 1-4 availability in January.


In the meantime, we have plenty of inactivated DEN-2 in stock (Cat# EL-22-02) and this antigen is ideal for ELISA. This product has a good concentration of NS1 and is used as the positive control in several commercial NS1 early dengue detection assays.



October 4, 2013

New and Improved Rotavirus Now Available!

Microbix is pleased to announce the availability of a new and improved Rotavirus antigen. Rotavirus Grade 3 Antigen (Cat# EL-35-03) replaces all previous rotavirus antigens, including EL-35-02 and EL-35-AA.

Microbix has developed an improved purification process and inactivation procedure for EL-35-03. The product has higher purity and superior antigen titre and performance in most immunoassays compared to EL-35-02 (which has been discontinued).

EL-35-03 is designed for use in immunoassays and positive control preparations in antigen detection assays like point-of-care tests and molecular assays. It contains predominantly intact viral particles as well as free viral antigens and some non-viral proteins. This antigen can be diluted significantly in most applications making it a cost effective positive sample for your assay.

We have plenty of rotavirus in stock, please contact us with any questions or if you would like to test a sample of this great new antigen.

February 12, 2013

We’re doing a lot with Chlamydia these days.

Microbix has produced Chlamydia trachomatis since 1995 and Chlamydia pneumoniae since 2001. Both are primarily used as antigens in commercial diagnostic tests sold around the world.

We’ve recently been working to improve the release assays for these products and expect to have new specifications based on MOMP concentration and IFU. These improvements should be complete in June 2013.

On a related note Microbix has been performing custom culture and purification work with various Chlamydiae strains. If you have an isolate or strain you are looking to have characterized, banked, cultured and tested we would be happy to discuss our expertise with you.




April 10, 2011

Microbix Now Using Modified Catalogue Numbers

Effective January 2011, customers should note a change in the calaogue numebr for all antigens. We have started using a suffix that denotes the packaging size for all items. This will allow customers to specify the packaging confirmation for their products.

An example of this using CMV Grade 2:

EL-01-02-001.0     CMV Grade 2, 1 mL

EL-01-02-010.0     CMV Grade 2, 10 mL

EL-01-02-050.0     CMV Grade 2, 50 mL