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LumiSort™ is a next generation instrument based (cytometric) technology that will improve the yield and quality of sexed semen while increasing the speed of sex-sorting by an order of magnitude over methods used in the livestock industry today. It incorporates a novel and innovative instrument design to address fundamental problems with the existing commercial sex selection technology, while providing Microbix with a strong and well differentiated intellectual property advantage in the industry.

LumiSort technology emerged from Microbix’ research focus in semen sexing initiated in 2005, a program focused on the delivery of high quality sexed semen.

LumiSort sperm sexing couples an innovative optical system for the detection of sperm cell sex, with laser killing of the cells that are not of the desired sex. Click on the video below to see a conception of the LumiSort cytometer (sperm cell sorter) in operation.


The LumiSort instrument will achieve the four basic operations required for sperm cell sexing with unparalleled speed and efficiency. First, cells are positioned accurately and single file in a rapidly flowing fluid. The cells pass into the analysis region of the instrument where they are illuminated with a light that causes them to glow brightly, taking advantage of a special fluorescent dye that permits the discrimination of female-determining sperm cells (slightly brighter) from male-determining cells (slightly dimmer). The emitted light will be collected by the LumiSort instrument’s sensitive light collection optics, taking advantage of 360 degree light collection to overcome a problem caused by the cells’ uneven light emission in different directions. With the sex determined, the fast electronics in the LumiSort instrument will control the delivery of lethal laser irradiation to a spot downstream of the analysis region, timed to coincide with the passage of sperm cells of the undesired sex. The cells of the desired sex pass through the instrument unharmed and are collected for use in artificial insemination for the livestock industry.Lumisort Logo | Microbix Biosystems