Price List: Adenovirus Vector Kits and 293 Cells

Adenovirus Vector Creation Kits

  • All adenovirus reagents must be ordered in complete kits unless listed separately.
  • Plasmids are packaged at 10 micrograms per vial.
Product # Name Kit Contents Price (USD)
PD-01-60 Kit A p?E1sp1A, p?E1sp1B, pFG140 and pJM17 $470.00
PD-01-61 Kit B pAB26, pAB27, pFG140 and pFG173 $540.00
PD-01-62 Kit C p?E1sp1A, p?E1sp1B, pXC1, pABS.4, pFG140, pBHG10, pBHG11 and pBHGE3 $1,050.00
PD-01-64 AdMax™ Kit D pDC311, pDC312, pDC315, pDC316, pBHGlox?E1,3Cre, pFG140 $1,120.00
PD-01-65 AdMax™ Kit E pDC511, pDC512, pDC515, pDC516, pBHGfrt?E1,3FLP, and pFG140 $1,120.00
PD-01-67 AdMax™ Kit F pDC411, pDC412, pDC415, pDC416, pBHG10, pBHGE3 and pFG140 $1,075.00
PD-01-66 AdCre Kit G AdCreM2, AdfloxLacZ1 and Adfloxluc $   825.00
PD-01-68 AdMax™HI-IQ Kit H pDC315(io), pDC316(io), pBHGlox?E1,3Cre, pFG140, 293IQ Cells $1,430.00
PD-01-69 AdMax™HI-IQ Kit J pDC515(io), pDC516(io), pBHGfrt?E1,3FLP, pFG140, 293IQ Cells $1,430.00

Kit C is covered by US patent no. 6,140,087; AdMax™ is covered by US patent no.6,379,943 (plus patents pending)
Kit G is covered by US patent no. 6,120,764 (plus patents pending).

Individual Vectors
Product # Name Price (USD)
PD-01-01 p?E1sp1A $120.00
PD-01-02 p?E1sp1B $120.00
PD-01-03 pXC1 $110.00
PD-01-04 PABS.4 $145.00
PD-01-05 pFG140 $130.00
PD-01-06 pJM17 $130.00
PD-01-07 pAB26 $130.00
PD-01-08 pAB27 $130.00
PD-01-09 pFG173 $145.00
PD-01-10 PBHG10 $175.00
PD-01-11 PBHG11 $175.00
PD-01-12 PBHGE3 $175.00
PD-01-13 pCA3 $130.00
PD-01-14 pCA4 $130.00
PD-01-15 pCA13 $130.00
PD-01-16 pCA14 $130.00
PD-01-17 pCA17 $130.00
PD-01-18 pCA18 $130.00
PD-01-19 PBHG9 $175.00
PD-01-20 PHCMVsp1LacZ $130.00
PD-01-21 pMH4 $130.00
PD-01-22 pMH5 $130.00
PD-01-25 pDC311 $235.00
PD-01-26 pDC312 $235.00
PD-01-27 pDC315 $235.00
PD-01-28 pDC316 $235.00
PD-01-29 pDC411 $235.00
PD-01-30 pDC412 $235.00
PD-01-31 pDC415 $235.00
PD-01-32 pDC416 $235.00
PD-01-33 pDC511 $235.00
PD-01-34 pDC512 $235.00
PD-01-35 pDC515 $235.00
PD-01-36 pDC516 $235.00
PD-01-37 pBHGfrt?E1FLP $475.00
PD-01-38 pBHGfrt?E1,3FLP $475.00
PD-01-39 pBHGlox?E1Cre $475.00
PD-01-40 pBHGlox?E1,3Cre $475.00
PD-01-41 pMH5(I) $235.00
PD-01-42 AdCre1 $235.00
PD-01-54 AdCreM2 $590.00
PD-01-44 AdfloxLacZ1 $235.00
PD-01-45 Adfloxluc $235.00
PD-01-46 PDC315(io) $235.00
PD-01-47 PDC316(io) $235.00
PD-01-48 PDC515(io) $235.00
PD-01-49 PDC516(io) $235.00
PD-01-53 Adeno Helper Virus H14 $700.00
Permissive Cell Lines
Product # Name Price (USD)
PD-02-01 HEK293 Low Passage Cells $350.00
PD-02-02 HEK293 N3S Suspension Cells $120.00
PD-02-03 HEK293 E4pIX Cells $605.00
PD-02-04 HEK293IQ Cells $475.00
PD-02-08 HEK293 Cre4 Cells $660.00
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