Product List: Infectious Disease Antigens

Viral Antigens

Organism Strain Size Catalogue LINK
Adenovirus, Grade 2 Adenoid 6 1 ml EL-15-02 Product Page
Cytomegalovirus, Grade 2 AD-169 1 ml EL-01-02 Product Page
Dengue Type 2 16681 1 ml EL-22-02 Product Page
Epstein Barr Virus, Cell Extract P3H3 1 ml EL-16-03 Product Page
EBV Viral Capsid Ag, Purified P3H3 1 ml EL-16-06 Product Page
Hepatitis A, Grade 2 pHM-175 1 ml EL-25-01 Product Page
Herpes Simplex 1, Grade 2 MacIntyre 1 ml EL-02-02 Product Page
Herpes Simplex 2, Grade 2 MS 1 ml EL-23-02 Product Page
Influenza A, Grade 2 Texas 1/77 1 ml EL-13-02 Product Page
Influenza A H1N1 Antigen (Reassortant Vaccine Strain) A/CALIFORNIA/7/2009 NYMC X-179A (H1N1) 1 ml Inquire Product Page
Influenza B, Grade 2 Hong Kong 5/72 1 ml EL-14-03 Product Page
Measles, Grade 2 Edmonston 1 ml EL-04-02 Product Page
Mumps, Grade 2 Enders 1 ml EL-06-02 Product Page
Parainfluenza 1, Grade 2 VP1 1 ml EL-08-02 Product Page
Parainfluenza 2, Grade 2 Greer 1 ml EL-09-02 Product Page
Parainfluenza 3, Grade 2 C-243 1 ml EL-10-02 Product Page
Rotavirus Grade 3 *NEW* SA-11 1 ml EL-35-03 Product Page
Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Grade 2 Long 1 ml EL-07-02 Product Page
Respiratory Syncytial Virus. Purified Long 1 ml EL-07-AB Product Page
Rubella K0S Concentrate HPV-77 1 ml EL-05-13 Product Page
Rubella K1S HPV-77 1 ml EL-05-10 Product Page
Rubella K2S HPV-77 1 ml EL-05-11 Product Page
Varicella-Zoster, Grade 2 VZ-10 1 ml EL-03-02 Product Page


Chlamydiae & Mycoplasma Antigens

Organism Strain Size Catalogue LINK
Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Grade 2 FH 1 ml EL-11-02 Product Page
Chlamydia trachomatis, Grade 2 LGV-2-434 1 ml EL-12-02 Product Page
Chlamydophila pneumoniae CWL 029 1 ml EL-46-02 Product Page

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