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Cytomegalovirus Grade 2 EL-01-02-001 (1 mL) EL-01-02-010 (10 mL) EL-01-02-050 (50 mL)
  • High specificity and sensitivity of detection for both IgG and IgM
  • CMV grade 2 antigen is prepared using Microbix’ proprietary production process yielding a high concentration of key CMV antigens in a single sample
  • Includes antigens from all facets of the CMV replication cycle, including key proteins pp52, pp65, and glycoprotein B
  • IgG and IgM detection in assays which include EIA with polystyrene, latex, nanogold and/or iron solid phases using different detection system (colorimetric, chemiluminescent)
  • Positive control in Western blots
  • Lymphocyte proliferation assays
Cytomegalovirus is the largest virus known to infect humans. Microbix uses a proprietary CMV culture method to produce an antigen preparation that presents a full range of CMV antigens, meaning EL-01-02 can be used for IgG, IgM, and IgA detection.

Other Information

Quality Assurance
Each antigen lot is tested for potency using ELISA, and compared to a reference antigen. This ensures the amount of viral protein in each batch is consistent. The total protein concentration reported includes both viral and non-viral proteins, with the ratio dependent on the purity of the antigen.

Please click here for Microbix’ Quality Policy and ISO Certification.

Product Images

CMV P65gel

CMV P52gel

Inactivation and Safety
Each lot of CMV antigen is inactivated using gamma radiation and this inactivation verified using a sensitive tissue culture based infectivity assay.
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