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*NEW* Rotavirus Antigen EL-35-03
  • Semipurified rotavirus inactivated by gamma irradiation
  • Positive control in lateral flow (rapid) assays
  • IgG and IgM detection in immunoassays including EIA with polystyrene, latex, nanogold and/or iron solid phases using different detection systems (colorimetric, chemiluminescent
Oct. 1, 2013: We are pleased to announce the release of a new and improved rotavirus antigen, Cat# EL-35-03. We have improved the purity and titre of our rotavirus product resulting in a new antigen that performs well when formulated as a positive control in most immunoassays. For more information please review the Product Information Sheet or click the Frequently Asked Questions below. 

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Quality Assurance
Each antigen lot is tested for potency using a direct detection assay, and compared to a reference antigen. This ensures the amount of viral protein in each batch is consistent. The total protein concentration reported includes both viral and non-viral proteins, with the ratio dependent on the purity of the antigen.

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Inactivation and Safety
Each lot of rotavirus antigen is inactivated using gamma or ultraviolet radiation and this inactivation verified using a sensitive tissue culture based infectivity assay.
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Product Information Sheet
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s new with EL-35-03?

Microbix has developed an improved purification process and inactivation procedure for EL 35 03. The product has higher purity and superior antigen titre and performance in most immunoassays compared to EL 35-02 (which has been discontinued).

The characteristics of EL-35-03 are similar to EL-35-AA. The difference is the scale of the production system.

EL-35-03 is designed for use in immunoassays and positive control preparations in antigen detection assays like point-of-care tests. It contains predominantly intact viral particles as well as free viral antigens and non viral proteins. The product is formulated in Bicine/EDTA buffer and it does not contain preservatives.

2. Why are you not reporting the protein concentration on the Product Information Sheet?

We recommend this antigen be used by volume and not by mass. This is because EL-35-03 contains viral particles and some non-viral proteins. Consequently, any protein assay would measure total protein level and not provide a specific concentration of viral proteins as would be necessary for using the product on mass basis.

To provide a consistent concentration of viral protein, Microbix standardizes each lot based on the immunoassay titre. This ensures all lots have uniform level of activity per milliliter, irrespective of total protein concentration, We have not established a specification for total protein, but we expect this to range from 1.0mg/ml to 5.0mg/ml. The overall protein concentration should not impact assay performance when the antigen is used in solution as a positive control.

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