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Microbix manufactures inactivated viral antigen detection proficiency testing samples. These are used in many CAP and EQAS approved proficiency testing programs.

Product Features

Catalogue No. Description Test Results          

Flu A

Flu B





PT-13-01 Influenza A Positive



PT-14-01 Influenza B Positive


PT-07-01 RSV Positive


PT-35-01 Rotavirus Positive


PT-15-01 Adenovirus Positive


PT-12-01 Chlamydia Positive






PT-99-01 Negative Control

Positive using 2 or more commercial antigen detection kits

 Negative using 2 or more commercial antigen detection kits

We can also provide mixed samples incorporating any 2 of the analytes in the table above.

Are you interested in PT samples for Dengue, Chlamydophila pneumoniae, Parainfluenza, or Hepatitis A antigen detection? Microbix has these and other analytes available, and would like to hear from PT organizations on special product needs. Please contact us to discuss any samples you would like us to add to our PT line.

Other Information

Quality Assurance
All proficiency samples are tested for reactivity and cross reactivity using commercially available antigen detection kits from manufacturers like:

Meridian ImmunoCard STAT
Binax NOW
BD Directigen
Quidel QuickVue
Remel Xpect
Coris Combistrip

Please click here for Microbix’ Quality Policy and ISO Certification.

Product Images
All samples shown below were tested at normal working concentration using several commercial test kits. Click to enlarge images.

Inactivation and Safety
Each lot of antigen used to make PT samples is inactivated using gamma radiation and this inactivation verified using a sensitive tissue culture based infectivity assay. There is no infectious material in these samples.
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