Varicella-zoster Grade 2

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Semi purified viral lysate (Strain VZ-10).  Contains intact viral particles and viral proteins.  Inactivated by gamma irradiation.

Varicella Zoster virus (VZV) belongs to the herpesvirus family. VZV is a large virus with a diameter of about 180 - 200 nm; its dense core is 100 nm in diameter and is covered by an icosahedral capsid composed of 162 tubular capsomers, in turn covered by a lipid bilayer envelope. The core contains linear doublestranded DNA with a molecular weight of about 108 Daltons. VZV infections induces the production of specific proteins and glycoproteins by the host cell.

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Inactivation & Safety — Each lot of antigen is inactivated using gamma radiation and this inactivation verified using a sensitive tissue culture based infectivity assay.

Applications — IgG and IgM ELISA, Western Blot, Microparticle based EIA, Lymphocyte proliferation assays

Ordering Information
— Limited to 10 units per online order.  For any larger orders, contact us through our link at the bottom of the page. 

Each antigen lot is tested for potency using ELISA, and compared to a reference antigen. This ensures the amount of viral protein in each batch is consistent. The total protein concentration reported includes both viral and non-viral proteins, with the ratio dependent on the purity of the antigen. View our Quality Policy and ISO Certification.

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