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LumiSort™ For Farmers

Lumisort: For Farmers

Coming soon to your AI provider, Microbix’ LumiSort™ sexed semen is produced using our next-generation cell sorting technology. This new cell sorting method results in high throughput and low loss, and is very gentle to cells of the desired sex. The result of technical innovations in both sex detection and cell handling, LumiSort™ will significantly expand the range of sires with available sexed semen. Enhanced fertility will extend the use of sexed semen beyond heifers to repeat breeders.

  • 90% Fertility

    of unsexed semen*
    • Heifers and repeat breeders
    • Wide range of sires
    • 90% desired sex outcome
  • 75% Fertility

    of unsexed semen*
    • Heifers only
    • Uneconomical in high value proven sires
    • 90% desired sex outcome

*LumiSort™ performance is projected; field trial data will be available at product launch

Why is LumiSort™ Better?

Both the existing technology and LumiSort™ move sperm cells in a fluid stream at high velocity past a laser based detection zone one cell at a time, analyzing each cell individually, to determine if the cell is “female” (bearing an X chromosome) or “male” (bearing a Y chromosome). LumiSort™ achieves the identification and separation of the cells in a completely novel design that increases the rate at which male and female cells can be distinguished, dramatically decreases the wastage of cells that cannot be differentiated, and functionally removes undesired (wrong-sex) cells from the preparation without subjecting the desired cells to harmful, high pressure, electrified fluid sorting that reduces the fertility of conventional sexed semen today. Additionally, since LumiSort™ determines the sex of every cell, resulting yields of cells of the desired sex are high, allowing for use on higher end sires, greatly expanding the range of semen available for sexing.

For Dairy and Beef Producers:
Please contact your genetics provider. If your current provider does not license LumiSort™ sexed semen, we can provide a list of licensed distributors.