LumiSort™ Semen Sexing Technology for the AI Industry | Microbix Biosystems Inc.
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LumiSort™ Semen Sexing Technology for the AI Industry

Lumisort: For the AI Industry

Product Description

Microbix’ patented LumiSort™ technology is next-generation semen sexing technology for the AI industry. LumiSort combines proven technologies in flow cytometry (single cell analysis and sorting) to yield a novel method for semen cell sex determination and sorting. In LumiSort, cells are fully enclosed in a gentle flow system that avoids damaging forces associated with traditional cell sorting. Sexing of cells is performed with conventional DNA dyes to determine the presence of the X or Y chromosome by total DNA content, using an optical configuration that is much more sensitive and accurate than current market technology. Cells of the undesired sex are rendered infertile, one at a time, using powerful laser light. The result is a sexed semen product with high yield and high fertility. LumiSort changes the economics of semen sexing, increasing cellular yields from about 30% using existing technology to 90%, allowing AI suppliers to expand the range of sexed semen offerings. LumiSort offers throughput 10 times higher than current technology, is compatible with conventional AI laboratory environments, and is built with ease of operation in mind. Microbix will not ‘black box’ LumiSort in your process. We put semen-sexing technology in your toolkit and offer you a new alternative for providing sexed semen to the marketplace.

  • 90% Fertility

    of unsexed semen*
    • 90% Sex Accuracy
    • 50,000 cells per second
    • 90% input correct-sex cells
    • Easy to train and operate
    • Heifers and repeat breeders
    • Wide range of sires
  • 75% Fertility

    of unsexed semen*
    • 90% Sex Accuracy
    • 6,000 cells per second
    • 30% input correct-sex cells
    • Skilled cytometrist
    • Heifers only
    • Uneconomical in high value proven sires

*LumiSort™ performance is projected; field trial data will be available with product launch

Market Impact

Microbix has developed a proprietary semen sexing technology, LumiSort™, which will have a major impact on the dairy and beef livestock management markets when launched. With over 60 years experience, the dairy industry has increasingly adopted artificial insemination as the method of choice for herd management. Today the global semen market exceeds US$1.5 billion annually. Nearly 200 million straws (individual units) are sold annually at an average global price of about US$8, with the price for units from high merit sires exceeding $100 per straw.

Dairy and beef farmers can significantly improve the economics of herd management with the ability to preselect the sex of the offspring. In the dairy industry, the ability to control the production of female offspring facilitates herd replacement and provides higher-value stock for sale. The beef industry benefits from breeding control for replacement males, with their high feed-conversion efficiencies. In this way, LumiSort™ will significantly improve food production efficiency globally, with economic, social, and environmental benefits.

This paradigm-shifting technology will provide the highest quality sexed semen, with superior economics for both the providers and end users of sexed semen products. The technology will not only provide a much higher quality of sperm cell leading to conception rates very close to that of unsexed semen, but is also expected to improve the yield of sexed sperm by over 250%, significantly improving the economics of semen sexing for high and intermediate value genetic sires.

For Animal Insemination Industry inquiries:
Please contact Phil Casselli, Senior Vice President Sales, Marketing & Business Development