The Future of STIs and AMR Screening


Copan’s “FLOQ®” swab is recognized globally as the gold standard swab used for sample collection. Copan and Microbix have had a long relationship where for years, Microbix has provided Copan with inactivated pathogens and has purchased their FLOQSwabs®. Today, Microbix provides QAPs™ desiccated on FLOQ® Swabs for use by diagnostic labs, External Quality Assessment providers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, and more. Our extensive product portfolio and high-quality samples provide laboratories with the necessary support to conduct assay verification/validation, laboratory personnel training, regular quality control, and more.

Now, Microbix and Copan have been collaborating to advance the protocol for AMR MG screening by enhancing the convenience while maintaining accuracy. As a result, Copan’s MSwab and a prospective prototype for a future Microbix REDx™FLOQ control has been validated with most of the commercial HPV assays!

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