Ordering Information

Ordering Information | Microbix Biosystems

We can accept your order via:

1-800-794-6694 (Within North America)
+1-905-361-8910 (International)



When placing your order, please specify:
  • Complete Shipping address
  • Complete Billing Address (including a phone and fax number for Accounts Payable)
  • Credit Card Number or Purchase Order Number
  • Catalogue Number and Name of the Product
Preferred methods of payment are:


Terms and Conditions

Standard Payment Terms are Net 30 days from shipping date.

A credit application must be completed and authorized by Microbix prior to shipment on a Purchase Order. Microbix reserves the right to request prepayment from first time customers or in special circumstances.

Shipments within North America and some international destinations are sent by Federal Express Priority 1. We can ship collect on your Federal Express account with a small handling charge for dry ice and packaging, or we can prepay the shipping and add it to your invoice. Rates vary depending on the destination, so please check with Microbix for a precise quote.

Special Instructions For International Shipments:

Microbix products are sent frozen on dry ice to ensure product stability throughout the transit process. Our packaging is designed to hold enough dry ice to keep the product frozen for four (4) days. Many commercial couriers and shipping specialists are not accustomed to this type of product, and are not equipped to deal with our shipments in the priority manner required. Therefore, we have established a shipping procedure that ensures the product will arrive safely and in good condition. We advise you to follow this shipping procedure as closely as possible, and reserve the right to select the best shipping method.

The most efficient method to most territories is commercial airfreight via a local customs agent. When you place your order please provide us with:

  1. The name, address, phone and fax numbers, and email address of your preferred customs agent, as well as a contact person at that organization who will take responsibility for the shipment.
  2. Your complete shipping address (with phone and fax number).
  3. Your complete billing address (with phone and fax number).

Microbix will book space on the next available flight to the international airport closest to your facility. We will ship only on Mondays unless otherwise specified. Once we have the flight details confirmed, we will fax to both you and your customs agent a copy of:

  • The flight number and arrival time
  • The airway bill number (tracking number)
  • Any other relevant flight information

Microbix assumes responsibility for the shipment until it arrives safely at the destination airport. Once the shipment arrives, it becomes the responsibility of your agent to receive the box, clear customs, and deliver the shipment to you. It is up to you to keep in touch with your customs agent and ensure the process runs smoothly once the shipment has arrived.

The charges for this service vary by destination, so please contact Microbix for a shipping quote prior to placing your order.