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We're a life science company and leading manufacturer of viral and bacterial antigens and reagents for the global diagnostics industry.

Microbix Biosystems Inc. develops and commercializes proprietary biological and technology solutions for human health and wellbeing. Microbix manufactures a wide range of critical biological materials for the global diagnostics industry, notably antigens and pathogens used in immunoassays or quality assessment and proficiency testing products. Its annual revenues of over $10 million are largely derived from these product lines, referred to as the Antigens Business or Virology Business.

The company also applies its biological expertise to develop other innovative and proprietary technologies and products. Its development project pipeline currently includes two such proprietary products: (1) Kinlytic® Urokinase, a biologic thrombolytic drug used to treat blood clots, and (2) LumiSort™, a technology for ultra-rapid and efficient sorting of somatic cells that can be used to enrich cell populations of interest, such as in sexing semen.

Antigens Business

An antigen is defined as a substance foreign to the (human) body that evokes an immune response and binds a product of the immune response (e.g., with an antibody). As relates to Microbix, an antigen is best considered a preparation of concentrated, purified, intact and inactivated bacteria, parasites, or viruses, or purified fractions of such organisms, that is used as a key ingredient in diagnostic tests that establish the presence of human antibodies to that bacteria or virus.

Such “immunoassay” medical tests are used to determine whether patients have been exposed to a disease organism (e.g., to a bacterium causing a respiratory illness such as pneumonia) or to measure pre-existing exposure or immunity to a disease by establishing the presence of circulating antibodies to it (e.g., a pregnant woman's immunity to a virus that could harm her baby in-utero). Immunoassays to establish exposure to disease or resistance to it are a mainstay of medical testing in North America, Europe and other regions of the developed world.

Microbix’ business of producing high quality antigens is the result of nearly three decades of experience in the field, including strain selection, reliable and efficient organism culture at scale, purification and methods of inactivation. As a result of Microbix’ expertise, its products have received widespread and longstanding customer acceptance, with continuing growth in demand. Microbix’ current catalogue of antigens covers over 30 bacterial and viral pathogens that are implicated in maternal, pediatric, childhood, respiratory, sexually-transmitted and insect-borne diseases.

Core Values

Microbix’ employees are talented and caring professionals who are responsible for developing sophisticated science and technology applications, operating highly technical manufacturing processes and managing complex global business relationships. In all of our activities we adhere to the following guiding principles:

Putting People First — Whether business partners, patients or colleagues we are committed to effectively serving the needs of others in everything we do.

Commitment to Innovation — We must ‘think differently’ to ensure we remain strong and continue to grow and sustain our competitive edge.

Integrity and Ethics — We must ‘do the right thing’ and exercise care and good judgement in all of our activities.

Continuous Improvement — We must strive for a high standard of performance and be recognized for doing so by all of our stakeholders.



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