LumiSort™ is Microbix’ proprietary cell sorting technology. LumiSort™ brings the next generation of improvements to flow cytometry. Its completely-enclosed fluidic systems are gentle on cells and allow high analysis speeds.

The 360-degree light collection system is highly efficient, supporting LumiSort’s enhanced speed, and it also provides orientation-independence for the accurate measurement of properties of non-spherical cells.  

LumiSort’s laser-based sorting method is a revolutionary change to cell sorting, allowing the functional removal of cells from the population while avoiding the stress and sorting-speed limitations imposed on cells sorted by conventional technologies.

LumiSort™ is ideally suited to the sorting of sperm cells in the production of sexed semen for livestock reproduction, is supported by the results of an extensive and successful prototyping program, and is backed by patents and patents pending in countries around the globe. Microbix is engaged in partnership outreach for LumiSort and invites inquiries from parties interested in exploring the capabilities of LumiSort™ in semen sexing and general cytometric applications.

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