Microbix Biosystems is a fast growing biotechnology company based in Mississauga.

Founded in 1988 as a producer of infectious disease antigens, primarily for the diagnostics market, Microbix invests in the virology business to build capacity and develop new products to address emerging market opportunities, while enhancing manufacturing and laboratory capabilities and technologies.

Our emerging products take aim at large market opportunities. With Microbix’ core competencies in the Diagnostics business, including cell culture, molecular biology, and GMP quality system, these new products build on Microbix’ strength.

Positions Available

Position Title: Quality Control Technician – Biotechnology
Location: 235 Watline Ave
Reporting To: TBD

Job Overview:

With exciting new products coming online our client Microbix Biosystems Inc. is seeking a Quality Control Technician to work in its state of the art quality control lab.

Microbix Biosystems is a fast growing biotechnology company based in Mississauga.

Microbix Biosystems Inc. develops and commercializes proprietary biological and technological solutions for human health and wellbeing. We manufacture a wide range of critical biological materials for the global diagnostics industry, notably antigens used in immunoassays and Quality Assessment and Proficiency (QAPs™) testing products.

Microbix’s business of producing high quality viral and bacterial preparations are the result of nearly three decades of experience in the field, including strain selection, reliable and efficient organism culture at scale, purification and methods of inactivation. As a result of Microbix’s expertise, its products have received widespread and longstanding customer acceptance, with continuing growth in demand.


  • Depending on experience ranges from $40,000 to $55,000.


Undergraduate degree in Biochemistry or Biological Sciences (Molecular biology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Microbiology or Virology) or equivalent.

Experience / Knowledge:

  • Knowledge and experience in protein, immunoassay, PCR & microbial assay.
  • Knowledge and experience in tissue culture handling and cell base assays.
  • Track record in quality control and development lab in a GLP/GMP environment.
  • Familiar with EPR software.

Responsibilities / Skills / Competencies:

  • Performs antigen quality control product testing as outlined in the standard operation procedures and approved work instructions;
  • Performs raw material inspection, reagent preparation and sterility testing according to SOPs;
  • Performs quality control testing on stability and validation samples and maintains an accurate inventory log of the samples;
  • Adheres to GMP and safety procedures;
  • Completes documentation such as testing records, reports and non-conformance documents factually, accurately and on a timely basis;
  • Effectively and reliably identifies and reports any non-conformances;
  • Be able to multi-task and prioritize job functions & works in a systematic and structured fashion and accomplishes tasks within expected periods of time;
  • Communicates well with colleagues to facilitate information exchange and coordinate equipment usage, material releasing, sample transferring and testing;
  • Be effective and productive in a group / team environment. Actively participates in summary meetings. Provide continual and effective feedback with manager / subordinates.

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