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For over 20 years, Microbix has been a producer of one of the largest ranges of infectious disease antigens at a commercial scale.

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Our viral, bacterial, and parasitic products are used in Immunodiagnostic assays including ELISA, chemiluminescent automated immunoassays, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, latex agglutination, rapid tests, and flow cytometry. They are also used as controls for diagnostic assays, basic and applied research in virology, microbiology, cell biology, immunology, and pathology, and for vaccine and antiviral research and development.

Microbix’s  trusted antigens are used by diagnostic companies worldwide to design a variety of immunoassays for a wide range of screening.

Our Antigen panels include ToRCH Antigens, Respiratory Antigens, Childhood Disease Antigens, Sexually Tramitted Infections Antigens, Dengue Antigens and more.

Childhood Disease Antigens

Microbix continues to be at the leading edge of manufacturing native antigens for IVD industry leaders that specialize in childhood disease immunological test development. Our native antigens are purified and inactivated for infectivity, not antigenicity, to ensure utmost safety and satisfaction for end-users. This Antigens panel covers Rubella, Varicella-Zoster, P3H3 Cell Extract, EBV Viral Capsid Ag Pure and concentrated, Measles and Mumps.

Dengue Antigens

Microbix’s dengue panel covers Dengue Types 1, 2, 3 and 4 for use suitable in assays for detection of presence of antibodies against the Dengue type virus, and as a positive control for the presence of Dengue type virus antigens in a sample. These products are formulated in a buffer that should not interfere with conjugation chemistries that are typically used in immunoassay development. Using the Microbix native dengue virus in dengue diagnostic assays provides superior identification of all dengue proteins.

STI Antigens

STI infections Antigens panel include Chlamydophila trachomatis, Herpes Simplex 1 and 2

ToRCH Antigens

ToRCH infections, including Toxoplasmosis, Other (Varicella Zoster virus, Syphilis, and Parvovirus B19), Rubella Virus, Cytomegalovirus, and Herpes Simplex Virus), are common etiologic agents of congenital abnormalities. Microbix’s highly sensitive, specific, and stable native antigens are derived from cell culture-produced whole viruses that are purified and inactivated. Our trusted antigens are used by diagnostic companies worldwide to design a variety of immunoassays used in ToRCH screening.

Respiratory Antigens

Microbix’s Respiratory Antigen Product panel covers Adenovirrus, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Parainfluenza 2 & 3,  Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Influenza A & B, Chlamydophila pneumoniae. Diagnostic companies are continuously improving the speed and technology underlying their tests, and thus are heavily reliant on high-quality antigens for test innovation and development. Microbix’s antigens are inactivated for infectivity, not antigenicity, to ensure utmost user safety.

Infectious Disease

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We were looking for a set of controls that fully covered the range of high-risk HPV types and Microbix is the only company to have such a portfolio. After an extensive evaluation process, we concluded the performance of Microbix QAPs are exactly what Ulisse needs and the interactions with their team are delightful.

Bruna Marini, COO – Ulisse BioMed

Setting the Gold Standard for Infectious Disease Diagnostic Standards

  •  For almost 3 decades, our Antigens have been of the highest reliability and quality for diagnostic companies worldwide.

  • Our Antigen products are also excellent positive quality controls for molecular diagnostics tests.

  • Our extensive Antigen panels are fit for any level of immunoassay you require.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are your antigen products available in different formats?

    • All Antigen products are produced in Liquid formulations. Depending on the product type, they are available to be ordered in 1mL, 10mL, 50mL, 100mL.
    • Our Rubella products are available as 1mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 25 mg, and 50 mg.

    Are your antigens for research use only, or can they be used for clinical purposes?

    Research use only, or for further manufacturing use (e.g raw material use).

    How are your antigen products stored and shipped to ensure stability?

    Our products are stored in temperatures ranging from -70°C to -100°C. They are shipped in containers with Dry Ice.

    Are the antigens derived from natural sources or produced synthetically?

    Natural sources.

    What is the shelf life of your antigen products?

    Guaranteed 2 years stability from shipment date.