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SARS-CoV-2 Positive and Negative Controls are now available throughout the U.S. and its territories, Europe and Canada, and other jurisdictions.

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Why choose Microbix Quality Assessment Products (QAPs)? Find out more.

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Infectious Disease Antigens

Microbix produces one of the world’s broadest range of infectious disease antigens.

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REDx HPV Positive Controls

Designed To Meet The Needs Of The Modern Clinical Molecular Diagnostic Industry

  • REDx HPV Positive Controls are compatible with RocheTM COBAS®, Cepheid®, GeneXpert®, HOLOGIC®, Aptima®, BD Viper®and Seegene platforms.
  • Suitable for IVD use with HPV DNA and RNA (TMA) testing systems.

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Continuous Improvement

At Microbix, our focus is growth through innovation and customer service excellence. As a leading manufacturer of viral and bacterial antigens and reagents we strive to maintain the highest standards of performance in everything we do.



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