Vial Filling Services

Versatile aseptic custom vial filling services for pilot and commercial scale. 


Superior Aseptic Filling Solutions

Our aseptic filling services focus on biological liquids across various fields, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, healthcare, biotechnology, and more. Our batch sizes range from hundreds of vials up to approximately 10,000 vials per batch. 

As part of our vial and aseptic liquid filling services, Microbix offers two production lines. The development and pilot scale (capabilities of 10,000 vials per day) offers a versatile and flexible run size on a semi-automated system, is scalable, can accommodate different fill volumes and requires minimal commitment. The commercial scale (capabilities of 60,000 vials per day) is fully automated, available on short and long-term commitments, is a seamless scale-up from the pilot scale system, and includes capping and labelling. 

These services ensure easy access for importing and exporting on a global basis. 

Setting the Gold Standard for Infectious Disease Diagnostics

Superior Infectious Disease Expertise

Our diagnostics experts have decades of experience in highvolume manufacturing within the biotechnology space.

Exceptional Diagnostics Quality

Microbix has a fully integrated Quality Management System (ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified).

Virological Testing Legacy

Microbix has a historical background in virological testing. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of vials and containers can you fill aseptically?

    As part of our aseptic custom filling services, we primarily fill screw-cap leakproof liquid vials. 

    What are the maximum and minimum vial sizes your facility can handle?

    We fill 1mL to 12 mL vials. 

    Can you accommodate specific requirements for sterility and environmental control during the filling process?


    What types of filling technologies and equipment do you use for aseptic filling?

    We use proprietary developed systems. The filling can be under Class 100 air. 

    How do you ensure batch traceability and documentation throughout the filling process?

    Micobix has a fully integrated quality management system.