Mycoplasma genitalium A2058G Positive Swab – VP-S-63-03


Microbix M. genitalium A2058G Positive Swab External Quality Controls are unassayed, whole-workflow samples that simulate clinical specimens. These products are formulated with inactivated Mycoplasma genitalium whole genome with A2058G point mutation in the 23S rRNA gene and human fibroblast cells, desiccated on a Copan FLOQSwab®. Microbix M.genitalium A2058G Positive Swab External Quality Controls have verified performance on some of the following IVD assays:
SpeeDx ResistancePlus® MG Assay, EliTechGroup Macrolide –R/MG ELITe MGB® Assay and Seegene Allplex™ MG & AziR Assay.

• Format: Copan FLOQSwab®
• Storage Conditions: 2-30°C
• Assay Compatibility: MDx

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