Why choose Microbix Quality Assessment Products (QAPs™)?

  • Manufactured from native pathogens or synthetic whole genome of pathogens to be virtually identical to patient samples
  • Pathogens are inactivated and non-hazardous
  • Liquid material is in ready to use aliquots and swabs
  • Stored at 2-8°C (vial) and 2-30°C (swab)
  • Stable for up to two years
  • Tested against leading assays
  • Compatible with immunoassays and nucleic acid tests
  • Negative samples designed to meet molecular assay requirements

Swab samples are exclusively made with COPAN FLOQSwab®.

Microbix has long provided viral and bacterial samples, for CAP accredited and ISO 17043 certified external quality assessment (EQA) and proficiency test programs (PT). We are experts in cell culture, purification and inactivation of infectious disease pathogens. We culture well-characterized strains that produce accurate, consistent results.

Microbix PTDx™ products are available to verified proficiency program providers. Please contact us for information.

PROCEEDx™ samples are Research Use Only (RUO) products. They represent a very cost-effective way of covering the specific needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), research labs, universities and training/teaching centers. Those institutions need to perform routine device or equipment performance, validation and verification and training of personnel.  PROCEEDx™ Samples cover most currently used pathogen test platforms with a number of samples offering a unique duality suitable for both immunological and molecular assays.

ONBOARD™ kits are Research Use Only (RUO) kits containing positive and negative samples for use in test system IQ/OQ/PQ, Verification / Validation and Training. Contact us for custom designs.

REDx Controls are designed to improve the diagnostic quality outcome by early detection of deviations from desired assay performance. All REDx Controls are for IVD use and are manufactured under ISO 13485 and 21CFR Part 820 standards.