Hepatitis A

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Hepatitis A virus (Strain HM-175) is cultured in fetal Rhesus monkey kidney cells. The virus is purified using an extraction procedure and inactivated using formaldehyde. The resulting product contains purified intact HAV virions with minimal cellular debris.

Hepatitis A virus is a non-enveloped, icosahedral virion with a single stranded RNA genome. Only one serotype of HAV is known and it does not cross react with Hepatitis B virus. The virus contains four proteins VP1, VP2, VP3 and VP4.

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Inactivation & Safety — Each lot of HAV antigen is inactivated using formaldehyde and this inactivation verified using a sensitive tissue culture based infectivity assay.

Applications — Both IgG and IgM detection in enzyme immunoassays, including polystyrene, latex, nanogold and/or iron bead based assays employing various detection systems (colorimetric, chemiluminescent). HAV antigen detecting assays.
Lymphocyte proliferation assays. Microbix HAV catalogue # EL-25-01 is not suitable for use as a control in nucleic acid based tests.